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When your paycheck is garnished, and reduced to pocket change, we can help! When an IRS lien shows up on your credit report, we can help! When the IRS seizes your assets or freezes your bank account, we can help!


IRS levy is a legal seizure of assets taken in order to satisfy a tax debt, and can be attached to bank accounts, securities, real property or   even wages. An IRS levy just doesn¹t happen immediately, usually it is the   result of the IRS trying to force a taxpayer to repay a debt. When the IRS   sets a Levy, taxpayer¹s bank accounts are frozen and wages are garnished up to 25% of your paycheck.

A Tax lien is a collection action which gives the IRS a legal claim or hold on a piece of property as security or payment for your tax debt. By filing a Notice of Federal Tax Lien, the IRS is publicly telling the taxpayer's creditors that it has a claim on all of their property, including property acquired after the IRS Tax Lien has been filed.

Wage Garnishment follows the same concept as a Levy, but in this case the taxpayer's employer is notified and instructed to withhold a certain amount of that person's weekly wages and pay it instead directly to the IRS. It should be noted that the employer may not "refuse" to do so. Wage garnishment continues until the entire tax debt is paid off or wage levy is released.

How IRS LEVY RELIEF can assist you

To receive help settling your tax debt, release wage garnishment or bank levy, contact us for a free analysis. One of our tax relief specialists will take you through a short 10 minute interview to get familiar with your tax problem. You will be asked some short questions about your monthly income, your expenses and what assets you have. Your tax specialist will then take a few minutes to analyze your case, and then explain your tax relief options and what you should expect to pay to the IRS to settle your entire debt.

You will next receive a written proposal by mail or fax, outlining the tax debt resolutions you qualify for. You will also receive a firm fee quote listing what we will do and how much our services will cost you. Then, it's up to you. Go over everything, and when you've decided to use our services, call us back and we'll get started right away.  

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